Accident Care Alliance

Accident Care Alliance

Accident Care Alliance is building an industry-leading platform of best-in-class healthcare providers focused on holistic and individualized care for those injured primarily in automobile accidents.


Each of our providers are trusted members of the communities in which they operate, adhere to, and often exceed, the highest standards of care, and maintain outstanding reputations for successful patient outcomes.

Our accident care clinics follow a conservative care model and offer several services, including chiropractic, rehabilitative therapy, neurology, therapy, and traumatic brain injury care, orthopedics, pain management, and telemedicine.

Ensuring Quality Care

Our healthcare providers provide critical, best-in-class services to everybody injured in an accident, irrespective of access to traditional health insurance.

Our services ensure that every injured person, whether uninsured or underinsured, receives the care they need to recover from an accident.


Conservative care focused on a natural, drugless, non-surgical approach, which provides adjustments to correct spinal malfunctions. Chiropractic adjustments are safe, pain-free, and have been shown to be more effective than other treatments for lower back pain and other common accident injuries.

Rehabilitative Therapy

Our rehab technicians develop bespoke rehabilitative therapy programs each patient to strengthen and stretch the muscles and joints affected in a car accident. We pride ourselves on educating each patient on the importance of consistent, low-impact rehabilitative therapy in order to achieve the best healing outcome possible.

Neurology, Therapy, & TBI

Our providers regularly perform neurological assessments and treatment plans, including those for TBI, and therapy for post-accident support and PTSD. We work closely with leading experts in Neurology to provide 360 degree support for the physical and mental health of each of our patients.


Our providers offer best-in-class orthopedic care with a focus on the unique injuries that stem from car accidents.

Pain Management

Our providers offer a conservative approach to pain management, including no opioid policies and regular, open coordination with chiropractors, rehab technicians, and each patient’s medical specialists.


Our providers are available remotely to help our patients seven days per week. Each provider has made a substantial investment in the infrastructure required to maintain an effective telemedicine program.

A Proactive Approach

Our providers work hand-in-hand with the patient’s entire team, from their attorney to their greater medical specialist team, to provide best-in-class care and industry leading outcomes for our patients. We are steadfast in our belief that everybody should have access to extraordinary healthcare treatment and service; therefore, we seek to partner with providers in the accident injury space who put patients first and understand the value the Accident Care Alliance platform can bring to the to our partners.

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